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Burn and Wound Services & Treatments

Burn and wound treatments

Numerous treatment options are available to aid in the healing of burns and wounds. Listed below are some of the treatments that may be employed to help in the healing process.

  • Bio-engineered tissue substitutes – Replacing living and/or living skin substitutes into a wound to assist the healing process. This is mainly for patients with diabetic foot ulcers or ulcers in the veins.
  • Burn rehabilitation – A personalized recovery program designed for each burn patient that addresses their specific needs.
  • CelluTome™ Epidermal Harvesting System – This system reproduces a patient’s skin to make a skin graft. The skin substitute helps in closing a patient’s wound.
  • Compression therapy - This type of therapy involves multi-layer compression wraps which are used to reduce and control swelling in a patient’s legs.
  • Debridement – Removing dead tissues or foreign objects from a wound to promote healing.
  • Growth factor therapy – This is the use of growth factors to promote wound healing. Growth factors are substances from the body that help stimulate the production of cells to help in the healing process.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) – Wounds have a hard time healing when tissue does not have the right amount of oxygen in it. HBOT is a treatment where 100 percent oxygen is administered to a patient in a pressurized, enclosed chamber. The combination of pure oxygen and pressure helps in the wound healing process.
  • Negative pressure wound therapy – This highly beneficial therapy involves creating a vacuum around a wound site. This helps the wound close. It works by drawing wound edges together, removing fluid and infectious materials and helping tissue formation.
  • Nutrition counseling – We work with registered dietitians to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to help your body heal.
  • Platelet technologies – This helps wounds heal faster.
  • Stomal care – Our nurses provide care and support for patients with ostomies to assist them getting back to their daily routines.


  • Fire prevention programs – Teaches fire safety at organizations such as Head Start and SAFE KIDS Kalamazoo County
  • Juvenile Fire Starters Program – Educates children who display fire-setting behaviors.
  • School Re-entry Program – Helps burns survivors adjust physically and emotionally when they are able to return to school


Tips for Healthy Feet

Our healthcare providers share information about wound care and hyperbaric medicine:

Dr. Troy Pascoe | Your Heart, Heart Health and Wound Healing
Dr. Pascoe from Bronson Wound Center & Hyperbaric Medicine speaks about heart health and the difference heart health makes in your body’s ability to help heal itself.
Dr. Allan Caudill | The Importance of Wound Awareness
Dr. Allan Caudill from Bronson Wound Center & Hyperbaric Medicine talks about wound healing, which is especially important for those living with chronic health conditions.

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