Cancer Services & Treatments

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Cancer Services & Treatments

Preventing cancer

There are many different ways to help prevent cancer. In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, there are also steps you can take to address your family history. We offer genetic counseling to help determine your risk.

Advanced cancer treatment

Find access to innovative treatment options from experts close to home. You’ll benefit from extensive care options for various cancers:

  • Medical oncology – treatment for cancer involving chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy or targeted therapy
  • Radiation therapy – treatment of cancer using radiation such as X-rays
    • Calypso - The Calypso system is used on patients with prostate cancer. It works with a GPS system to precisely track the tumor location in real time
    • Five-day targeted radiation therapy for breast cancer – treatment for breast cancer that limits radiation to the tumor site, often completed in five days
    • Image guided radiation therapy – allows the doctor to take images of the treatment area on a daily basis for more accurate treatment
    • Intensity modulated radiation therapy – radiation intensity can be adjusted and is often used for more difficult-to-reach tumors
    • Stereotactic body radiation therapy – using advanced technology, the tumor can be targeted so precisely that radiation is paused when you move or breathe so healthy tissue is preserved
  • Surgical oncology – use of surgery to remove cancer
    • Robotic surgery – surgery that can be done with very small cuts to reduce pain, scarring and time in the hospital
  • Brachytherapy – placing radioactive material directly to the tumor site to deliver a higher dose
  • Chemotherapy – use of medicine to treat cancer
  • Hematology – Study of the blood, specifically to help treat cancer of the blood

Cancer support services

Bronson has many additional support options to help you through your cancer treatment:

  • Comfort suite – special area for women with breast cancer
  • Financial counseling - call a patient financial counselor at (269) 341-6120 if you need help with your bill
  • Healing garden – calm and relaxing garden to ease your nerves
  • Home nursing care – in-home nursing care can help with recovery after a surgery or serious illness
  • Look Good Feel Better program participant – Teaches beauty techniques to help cancer patients manage the appearance-related side effects of treatment. Lessons include skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling.
  • Nutrition counseling – dieticians are available to help create a diet to help you stay healthy before, during and after cancer treatment
  • Nurse navigator – help guide you through your cancer journey
  • Resources library – American Cancer Society resource library is on-site
  • Support groups – variety of groups to help cope with cancer and to connect with others
  • Survivorship counseling – help to return to normal life after cancer treatment
  • Transportation – available if needed for appointments

End of life cancer care

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