Art Therapy at Bronson Children's Hospital

Art Therapy

Many benefits of art therapy

Art therapy is a way for your child to express his or her feelings through creativity. These activities can lower stress and pain levels to help improve healing and quality of life. Some of the many other benefits include:

  • Allowing your child to share his or her feelings and lowering feelings of helplessness
  • Teaching new problem-solving skills
  • Helping your child process the complex emotions that come with being ill
  • Assisting your child with non-verbal communication
  • Encouraging your child to reflect on and explore his or her personal imagery to work toward wellness

Art therapist with patientFrom Our Art Therapist

"As an Art Therapist I am passionate about the potential for creativity to heal. No matter the age or diagnosis, art therapy has a unique way of giving people a voice to share things when words just aren’t enough. I am inspired daily by the ways in which patients and families use creative expression to find their courage, overcome obstacles, celebrate their unique cultures, and share the stories of their lives. It is an honor to bring the gift of art making to patients and families at Bronson Methodist Hospital." - Meg

How art therapy works

Photo of art therapist playing with paint with a young patient.When your child has a visit from an art therapist, you can find comfort in knowing the therapist is a mental health professional with doctorate or master’s level credentials. Your child’s art therapist will combine the creative process with psychological theories and counseling to help improve healing. The certified therapist from Bronson Children’s Hospital will design a personalized session suited to your child’s needs.

The art therapist will be part of your child’s treatment team that may include doctors; nurse practitioners; nurses; psychiatrists; psychologists; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; counselors; and social workers.

Art therapists follow the standards, practices, policies and procedures of the Art Therapy Credentials Board.

For more information about art therapy, visit the American Art Therapy Association website.

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