Pediatric Rehabilitation in Southwest Michigan
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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Your child may sometimes need special help as he or she grows and develops. At Bronson, we are here to help you and your child through those moments with a full continuum of pediatric therapy.

Conditions we treat 

If your child suffers from one of the following commonly treated conditions, our pediatric rehabilitation team is here to help:

  • Cognitive difficulties - problems remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect everyday life
  • Developmental delays - not reaching developmental milestones at expected time/age 
  • Motor difficulties - problems moving the body to perform everyday tasks
  • Neurological disorders - injuries to the brain or nerves
  • Orthopedic injuries - injuries to bone and muscle
  • Sensory disorders - trouble receiving and responding/reacting to information that comes in through the senses
  • Speech and language difficulties - problems with understanding and speaking
  • Swallowing and feeding dysfunctions - problems with swallowing and eating
  • Traumatic brain injuries - a disruption in the normal function of the brain caused by an injury to the head

If your child needs care for a condition not listed here, consult with one of our children's health providers.

Pediatric rehabilitation services and treatments

At Bronson, we offer a full range of pediatric rehabilitation services and treatments to help you better manage your child’s disease:

  • Aquatic therapy - pool therapy
  • Gait training - teaching how to properly walk
  • Home program instruction - teaching exercises to do at home
  • Physical therapy - using physical methods, such as exercise, massage and heat to treat a disease or an injury 
  • Occupational therapy - a form of therapy that helps improve the ability to do the activities needed in daily life
  • Oral motor techniques - use of lips, tongue, jaw and teeth to talk, swallow and eat
  • Sensory integration - exercises that strengthen the patient's senses, such as touch and balance
  • Speech-language pathology - treatment of speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders

Personalized recovery plan

Working with your child’s doctor, our team develops a treatment plan tailored for your child. This plan is designed to return your child to the highest possible level of functioning.

Photo of father and two sons walking with walking sticks.

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