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A CT scan produces higher-resolution images than regular X-rays. CT scans are used to create detailed two-dimensional, cross-sectional images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels.

Why Choose Bronson for CT Scans?

  • We’re committed to making sure you feel informed, prepared and comfortable – feel free to ask us any questions
  • Five convenient locations
  • Local board-certified radiologists interpret images
  • We have the only pediatric radiologist in the region
  • Your doctor receives timely, accurate and reliable test results to share with you
  • Accredited in CT by the American College of Radiology

CT Scan Services

  • Abdomen and pelvis – non-invasive scanning of liver, spleen, kidneys and other internal organs in cases of trauma
  • Angiography – minimally invasive scanning of blood vessels and tissues
  • Body – non-invasive, cross-sectional scanning of organs for cancer or internal injuries
  • Calcium scoring – non-invasive scanning for calcium build-up in the heart's arteries
  • Chest – non-invasive scanning of lungs for cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis or emphysema
  • Colonography – non-invasive scanning of colon for detection of polyps or early-stage growths
  • Head – non-invasive scanning of skull to detect fractures, blood clots, tumors or aneurysms
  • Pediatric – non-invasive body scanning in response to abdominal pain, cancer detection or injury
  • Sinuses – non-invasive scanning of skull to detect inflammatory diseases, tumors or sinusitis
  • Spine – non-invasive scanning of spine to detect tumors and bone density, as well as in response to pain

Locations for CT Scan Services

To Schedule an Appointment at Bronson Location

  • Battle Creek: Central Scheduling (269) 245-8666
  • Kalamazoo and Paw Paw area: Central Scheduling (269) 341-8700 or (888) 741-6415

For More Information About CT Scan Services

  • To learn more about specific CT scan procedures, visit the CT Scan page at
  • To learn more about pediatric CT Scans, watch the You're Getting a CT Scan video
  • Call Contact Bronson HealthAnswers at (269) 341-7723, (800) 451-6310 or Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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