Heart and Vascular Care in Southwest Michigan

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Heart and Vascular

Do you or a family member have a heart or vascular condition? We can help. Our experienced doctors, advanced treatments, diagnostics, innovative procedures and emergency capabilities put us at the forefront of heart and vascular care for adults and children.

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Dr. Christopher Rogers Discusses a Patient's Heart Care Journey
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Collaborative approach to treatment of heart and vascular conditions

As a patient, you’ll benefit from access to a comprehensive range of services to help you maintain or improve your heart and vascular health. Whether you have a common or complex condition, our team of highly-trained professionals works together to ensure all your individual needs are met as an outpatient and in the hospital.

Cardiovascular problems we treat

We understand that each person has unique heart and vascular needs. Whether you are battling a long-lasting or short-term cardiovascular condition, we provide a full range of services and treatments.

Nationally-recognized and award-winning care

When it comes to your heart, you want nothing less than exceptional care from the best doctors available. That’s why the heart and vascular specialists at Bronson follow a collaborative, team-based approach to deliver nationally-recognized and award-winning care. From early detection to robotic surgical procedures, our goal is to help you recover quickly and get back to enjoying an improved quality of life.

Connected care at Bronson

We believe connected care is better care. No matter what service or where in the Bronson system you are being treated, your medical information is recorded in one electronic health record system. All of your Bronson doctors and caregivers can connect to at any time. This makes it easier for everyone involved in your care to stay up-to-date and collaborate to achieve what matters most to you. And by signing up for a free Bronson MyChart account, you can also get online access to view your test results, refill prescriptions, communicate with your doctor and much more.

Innovative heart and vascular procedures

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you or your loved one with some of the most innovative heart and vascular procedures. This ensures you have access to the latest care options many of which provide better outcomes, shorter recovery times and a quicker return to home.

  • IBM Watson Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital Logo.
    Bronson Methodist Hospital is proud to once again be named by Fortune and IBM® Watson Health® as one of the nation’s top hospitals for heart care.

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