Bronson Heart Failure Clinic

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Bronson Heart Failure Clinic

The Bronson Heart Failure Clinic is for patients diagnosed with heart failure. It was established to meet your special needs and the needs of your caregivers.

Heart Failure means the heart cannot meet the demands of the body. This can be due to an irregular heart rhythm, a weakened heart or a valve problem. If your heart is not pumping blood well, your body may not get enough of the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

The goal of the Bronson Heart Failure Clinic is to improve your quality of life and reduce the number of times you are admitted to the hospital due to heart failure. Our specialists provide personalized, evidence-based care and education to reduce your heart failure symptoms.

Ask your primary care doctor if the Bronson Heart Failure Clinic can help you.

Why Choose the Bronson Heart Failure Clinic for Treatment?

  • Your comprehensive care plan is created by our multidisciplinary team of specialists that include nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, registered nurses and medical assistants.
  • We feature state-of-the-art diagnostics and the most advanced treatment options
  • We provide a multidisciplinary heart failure clinic and valve clinic
  • The team will meet with you to create a comprehensive plan of care customized to your personal needs
  • The team will collaborate with your primary care doctor and with your cardiologist

    For More Information About Heart Failure Care at Bronson

    • Call the Bronson Heart Failure Clinic at (269) 553-0456
    • Learn about all of Bronson's heart and vascular services - click here
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        Are you at risk for heart failure?

        Every year, 670,000 new heart failure patients are diagnosed in the United States. Learn more about the disease and our new cardiologists.

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