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What Will Happen During a Hyperbaric Treatment?

Hyperbaric treatment is given in a special chamber. You will lie down on a bed in the chamber. You can watch TV if you would like.Reading material and electronics cannot be taken into the chamber. You will be given 100 percent cotton clothing to wear during your treatment. You cannot wear any nylon or synthetic clothing. This includes undergarments. You can wear your own underclothes if they are 100 percent cotton.

Compression starts as soon as you are in the chamber and the door is closed. You may feel a slow increase in pressure and hear air moving in the chamber. You may also feel fullness in your ears, like when flying in an airplane. This happens as your ears react to the change in pressure. A hyperbaric technician is with you at all times during your treatment. He or she will show you how to relieve this feeling.

Treatment starts when the pressure in the chamber reaches the amount prescribed by your doctor. During hyperbaric treatment, the air pressure around you is increased while pure oxygen is administered. The added pressure and pure oxygen on the body tissues helps new small blood vessels grow. The fullness in your ears will go away. You will be able to watch television or listen to a radio. Most patients find this very relaxing.

During decompression, the pressure in the chamber returns to normal. This takes about 10 minutes. Your ears will adjust again. You may feel your ears popping. More than one treatment may be given in one day. Treatments usually last two hours.

What About Side Effects?

Usually, there are no side effects to hyperbaric treatment. Some people may feel tired after a treatment. Other people may feel a popping in their ears. Sometimes, a patient may have small changes in vision. The changes are temporary. Let your Hyperbaric Unit technician or doctor know if this continues.

In rare cases, some patients may have unpleasant effects. Your Hyperbaric Unit doctor and Hyperbaric Unit technician will tell you more before you agree to the treat.

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