Infusion Services & Treatments

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Infusion Services & Treatments

Numerous therapy and treatment options are available to help with receiving medication via injection or catheter. Listed below are some of the services and treatments that may be employed to help in the healing process.

  • Antibiotics – Helps the body fight infections
  • Blood transfusions, platelets, red cells, plasma and phlebotomies – After a significant loss of blood, these treatments can replenish the quantity and quality of your blood supply
  • Biological response modifiers – Substances made by living cells that stimulate the body’s response to infection and disease; used for rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions
  • Central line care, including declotting lines, dressing changes, lab draws and flushes – Tools used to help administer medication
  • Chemotherapy – Helps treat diseases and cancer through the use of chemicals
  • Enzyme treatments – Helps the pancreas absorb nutrients into the bloodstream
  • Hydration therapy – Rehydrates dehydrated patients with water and salts, known as electrolytes
  • Intramuscular/subcutaneous (IM/SQ) injections – Medication delivered under the skin or in muscle that gets absorbed quickly into the bloodstream
  • Iron replacement – Helps increase iron levels in the blood
  • Immunomodulators – Drugs that stimulate the immune system
  • IV antiemetics – Medication that helps relieve nausea and vomiting
  • IV immune globulin – Boosts the body’s natural defense system against infection
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy – Withdraws a prescribed amount of blood to improve the symptoms of a blood disorders

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