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Bronson Billing And Collections Policy

Billing and Collections Policy Printable & Translated Versions


Bronson Healthcare Group (Bronson) hospital facilities (Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, Bronson Lakeview Hospital, Bronson Methodist Hospital and Bronson South Haven Hospital, collectively, “the Hospitals”) and its employed physicians will only bill patients for medical services provided that are not covered by their insurance carrier or government payer or any amount deemed to be the responsibility of the patient. Bronson will take all the necessary steps to bill insurance companies, government payers, and assist with obtaining coverage and financial assistance for the patient (covered in the Financial Assistance Policy).

In keeping with their tax-exempt mission and commitment to the surrounding communities, Bronson and its employed physicians strive to ensure that the financial ability of individuals does not prevent them from seeking or receiving medically necessary care. The Hospitals each recognize their responsibility to offer care for persons in need. They provide and promote access to emergency or medically necessary services regardless of the ability to pay.

Patients are expected to accept responsibility for their Bronson bills for medical services. Patients are responsible to provide Bronson with accurate and complete demographic and insurance information, timely payment, and compliance with agreed upon payment plans, or enrolling in medical coverage. Patients must provide Bronson a correct mailing address and phone number at the time of service or upon moving.


Bronson expects all patients to provide us with accurate information. Bronson will bill the patient’s insurance for all medical services provided. Bronson encourages patients to contact the insurance company directly to resolve non-payment. Bronson will bill patients for any medical services not covered by insurance, as well as for any copays, deductibles and co-insurance amounts.

For Medicare patients: Medicare will send an “Explanation of Medicare Benefits” (EOMB). This will show the amount that Medicare paid. If you do not receive an EOMB, please contact Medicare (1-800-MEDICARE) to request one.

For patient owed balances: In the event an amount owed by the patient is not paid, the following actions may be taken to collect on the balance.

  • If there is an outstanding balance on an account, Bronson will issue at least three (3) statements to the responsible party. Statements will be delivered by mail or electronically.
  • Bronson will only take action after proper notification of and determination of eligibility for financial assistance.
  • Prior to initiation of any Extraordinary Collection Activity (ECAs), at least one statement will include notice of referral to a collection agency referral and potential ECAs. A statement will be provided at least 30 days before the initiation of any ECAs. The Bronson Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary will accompany this notification. These reasonable efforts will be made prior to a referral to a collection agency or the initiation of any ECAs.
  • ECAs may include reporting to credit agencies and judicial or legal actions (such as liens or garnishments).
  • Bronson will not seize any primary residence for payment or primary vehicle.
  • Bronson will not have you arrested for non-payment.

It is expected that the patient’s address and phone number provided to Bronson is valid. If notice is provided to the address on file, this will be considered reasonable efforts in accordance with applicable law.

Reporting to the credit bureaus of the unpaid bill may take place as soon as 90 days from the collection agency referral date (which will be at least 210 days from the first billing statement for services received). Additional judicial or legal actions may be taken as soon as 120 days from collection agency referral date (which will be at least 240 days from first billing statement for services received).

If an application for financial assistance is made on an account that is with the collection agency, and as long as it’s within 240 days of the first billing statement, Bronson will suspend collection activity for 30 business days. If Bronson determines that the patient or responsible party qualifies for financial assistance, any ECAs that have been initiated may be reversed in the discretion of Bronson. If the financial assistance results in a partial discount, a letter will be sent indicating the new balance. If the patient does not provide complete application information, or is not eligible for financial assistance, a denial letter will be issued to the applicant and the agency will resume collection activity.

The Bronson Financial Assistance staff and management are responsible for ensuring reasonable efforts have been met on eligible accounts prior to any ECA initiation. Bronson and their external collection agencies shall be authorized to report unpaid accounts to credit agencies, and to file litigation, garnishment, obtain judgment liens and execute upon such judgment liens using lawful means of collection. Bronson and authorized external collection agencies may also take other actions, including, but not limited to, telephone calls, emails, texts, mailing notices, and skip tracing to obtain payment for medical services provided.

Appendix A

Bronson Financial Assistance Website

Visit our website at for more information including contact information as well as free and printable copies of the Financial Assistance Summary, Bronson Financial Assistance Policy and Bronson Financial Assistance Application in English, Spanish, Arabic and Burmese.

Bronson Billing Department

1-800-699-6117 Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Bronson Financial Assistance Mailing Address

Bronson Healthcare Group
Patient Accounting Attn: SP
601 John St - Box J
Kalamazoo, MI 49007-5341

Bronson Financial Counseling Departments

For patients needing financial assistance while at the hospital facilities or who require help completing the application, Financial Counselors are available on-site to provide assistance. Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • Bronson Battle Creek Hospital – 269-245-8124
    300 North Avenue, Battle Creek, MI

    Financial Counselors are located in the Registration Department to the right, past the greeter desk. Enter through the Outpatient Center entrance, parking lot off Emmett Street.
  • Bronson Lakeview Hospital – 269-657-1532
    408 Hazen Street, Paw Paw, MI

    Financial Counselors are located on 1st Floor, North Entrance in the Outpatient Registration area.
  • Bronson Methodist Hospital – 269-341-6120
    601 John Street, Kalamazoo, MI

    Financial Counselors are located in the Financial Services office on the 1st Floor Main Campus directly behind the main Information Desk.
  • Bronson South Haven Hospital – 269-639-2865
    955 South Bailey Avenue, South Haven, MI

    Financial Counselors are located in the Cashier’s Office on the 1st floor across from the Gift Shop. Enter through the door marked Main Entrance and turn to the left.