Senior Lifestyle and Injury Prevention (SLIP)

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Senior Lifestyle and Injury Prevention (SLIP)

If you or a loved one is an older adult, learning to use simple safety measures could prevent serious or even fatal injuries. The SLIP program is a comprehensive injury prevention program for older adults offered by Bronson’s Level I Trauma Center.

Led by a registered nurse with special training in injury prevention, this program is packed with information and practical tips that will teach you what you need to know to be safe at home or on the road.

Four classes for you to choose from

  • Home safety
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Driver safety
  • Fall prevention

Classes are provided free of charge by Bronson.

During these classes you will learn

  • The most common home injuries and how to avoid them
  • Why older Americans are at the risk for injury
  • Checklists to make each room in the house safer
  • Ways to protect yourself while walking.
  • Strategies for driving in busy intersections or bad weather
  • How to “fall proof” your home

Want more information?

If you have questions or would like more information, call Sarah Bilkey at (269) 341-8587 or email

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