ThinkFirst for Teens

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ThinkFirst for Teens

You want your teenager and his or her friends to have fun, but also make smart choices. You can turn to us to help show teens how decisions today could forever impact them and their families.

Knowing the facts

Accidental injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among children and young adults according to the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation. The number one killer of young people is traumatic injury caused by vehicle crashes, violence, falls, sports and other causes. The most serious injuries are those to the brain and spinal cord. Injuries to these areas can lead to permanent paralysis and disabling brain injuries. The only “cure” is preventing injuries from happening in the first place.

Helping teens to make the right choices

We are here to help teens in our area high schools make smart choices. Bronson is one of many chapters in the state trained in the ThinkFirst program. The mission of the ThinkFirst is to reduce injuries through education, research and policy. ThinkFirst offers evidence-based educational presentation and programs through a network of national and international chapters in hospitals, universities and healthcare settings.

In ThinkFirst for Teens, injury prevention educators give dynamic, fast-paced presentations addressing the realities of life-altering injuries and the importance of making safe choices. These powerful presentations are available as assemblies or to heath, science or driver education classes. The program is designed to educate high school students through a powerful message that urges teens to ‘use your mind to protect your body.’ It discusses in-depth the causes and effects of brain and spinal cord injury. There are four components:

  • A lesson on the brain and spinal cord and injury prevention
  • An upbeat, age appropriate video
  • Personal testimony from Voices for Injury Prevention speakers
  • Group discussion on safe bystander behavior

Want more information?

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