FastCare® Services in Southwest Michigan

Don’t put off the essential care you need because of COVID-19. We continue to safely schedule office appointments, surgeries and procedures so you can get the care you need now. Call your Bronson practice or a Bronson Care Advisor at (269) 341-7788 to schedule an office appointment or video visit with your provider.


Before You Visit


Many viruses, such as a cold or the flu, can be easily transmitted to others. If your symptoms are mild, stay home, rest and avoid contact with others.

If symptoms worsen, before visiting a FastCare® location, consider using a virtual care option like a 24/7 BronsonConnect Video Visit or a call to Bronson Care Advisors (269-341-7788). These virtual options offer the best opportunity to find the right care without leaving your home and are available to Bronson patients and the public. Bronson patients can also contact their primary care provider by phone or through Bronson MyChart.

Questions About Coronavirus COVID-19?

Visit Bronson’s coronavirus web page to learn more.

Symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19 (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell) are similar to other viruses and usually appear 2-14 days after exposure from travel to an area with widespread COVID-19 illness or from close contact with a person known to have COVID-19.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms and wish to seek care or be tested, you are urged to call your doctor’s office or a Bronson Care Advisor at (269) 341-7788 for further instruction.

Bronson FastCare® is Open 7 Days a Week

When you’re sick, Bronson FastCare® offers quick, convenient medical attention for many basic healthcare needs. Open days, evenings, holidays and weekends, we provide care for patients 18 months or older, whether or not you’re a Bronson patient.

And, your visit will never be more than $75, including basic labs, with or without insurance. Most insurances are accepted, and your office co-pay is determined by your insurance. Bronson FastCare® offices are connected with an electronic health record, so your Bronson providers are always in the loop.

No appointment is necessary. You can always walk in for care or, for added convenience, let us know you’re on your way and we’ll hold your place in line.

Conditions we treat at Bronson FastCare®

When you are sick, you want expert medical attention quickly and easily. Bronson FastCare® can help for any minor healthcare conditions, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Athlete's foot
  • Cold sore
  • Ear infections
  • Ear Lavage/Ear Wax Removal
  • Eye irritation & infection (pink eye, styes)
  • Gout
  • Impetigo
  • Insect or tick bites
  • Laryngitis
  • Minor burns and rashes
  • Minor skin infections
  • Mononucleosis
  • Pink Eye
  • Rashes (poison ivy, ringworm, scabies, shingles)
  • Sinus infection
  • Sore throats
  • Swimmer's Ear
  • Urinary tract infection or UTI (females only)

Your loved one must be 18 months or older and some age restrictions exist for select services.

Additional services available at Bronson FastCare®

In addition, we provide the following support services:

  • Basic lab services – Monospots, pregnancy test, rapid strep test and urinalysis (females only)
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Screenings


  • Flu vaccine
  • High dose flu vaccine
  • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine

*please inquire about cost for each specific vaccine

Pre-Participation Exams - $30

  • Camp exams
  • Sports exams

Need emergency care, X-rays, stitches, treatment for broken bones?

Emergency care services, x-rays, stitches or treatment for broken bones are not available at Bronson FastCare® locations.

Not sure if FastCare® is the right healthcare option for your condition? Visit our Need Care Now page to compare all of our walk-in care options.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening condition such as chest pain, trouble breathing or stroke symptoms, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Education and support

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