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Athletic Training

No matter what the age, from middle school to professional athletes, we know how common it can be for a player to get hurt during a practice or a game. That’s why Bronson has certified athletic trainers who partner with sports teams to help prevent injuries, improve performance, and provide on-site game day support to help keep athletes safe.

Team Physicians & Athletic Trainers for Area Schools
Listen to Brad Toepper, certified athletic trainer and manager at Bronson Sports Medicine network, discuss team physicians and athletic trainers in southwest Michigan schools.

Sports-related injuries and conditions we treat

On-site game day support

From a sprain to a broken bone, it’s important that a player receives medical attention soon after he or she gets hurt. Many times, these injuries occur on contact or in action during a game. By having an athletic trainer with the team on the sidelines, your players will have immediate, on-site care.

Free injury evaluations for any athlete

When an athlete gets hurt during a practice or a game, it can be hard to know if the injury is severe enough to need treatment or physical therapy. That’s why our athletic trainers offer free sports injury clinics where they assess your player’s injury and provide recommendations for treatment. If further medical attention is needed, your athlete will be referred to a healthcare provider who will treat his/her injury before safely returning to play.

Additional athletic training services

  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) development – Our athletic trainers develop a written and oral emergency action plan to use in emergency situations like fires, tornadoes and active shooter emergencies. The plan helps reduce injuries, damages and ensures safety for all.
  • Injury prevention seminars – Created for organizations who want to learn how to create a program that will help prevent and reduce injuries among their athletes
  • In-services on Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) – An AED is a device that is used to help revive someone who has gone into cardiac arrest. Our athletic trainers are available to teach your school about the importance of having and using an AED at athletic events.

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