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If your loved one is facing complex and life-threatening medical issues, our palliative care team can help. We are committed to respecting the values and wishes of our patients and their families.

Palliative care is medical care that focuses on relieving the pain, symptoms and stress of complex medical conditions in patients of all ages, from children and pregnant women to older adults. 

Our dedicated team of physicians, nurses and specialists combine medical treatment and emotional support with one overriding goal – to improve our patients’ quality of life.

This can mean helping our patients manage their pain so that they are as comfortable as possible during all stages of illness.  Or it can mean coordinating with home health and other community services to make sure all of our patients’ needs are met.  Our approach is tailored to each individual patient and their family members. 

Patients We Treat

Our team treats patients who have:

  • Difficult choices to make about their care
  • Frequent readmissions to the hospital 
  • Health conditions that are expected to get worse
  • Pain and other symptoms that affect quality of life
  • Serious, complex or life-threatening medical conditions
  • Spiritual or psychological needs

Palliative Care Services & Treatments

We offer a wide range of palliative care services, including:

  • Access to specialists who can answer questions about your health
  • Coordination of home health services
  • Help with complex medical decisions
  • Help with difficult decisions about life goals
  • Medical evaluations
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Support to help ease physical, mental and spiritual suffering
  • Treatment recommendations

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