Meet Our Furry Friends - Bronson Healthcare
You will find our pet therapy superstars wagging around a variety of hospital units. Dog and owner teams are also on-call to accommodate special requests from patients, families, physicians, social workers and other hospital staff.

Our Pet Therapy Team

To learn more, see our volunteer profiles below

Annie Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Annie Miss Bailey Thumbnail_PetTherapy_MissBailey
Brandy Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Brandy Ranger Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Ranger
Charm Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Charm Rudy Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Rudy
Corky M. Thumbnail_PetTherapy_CorkyM Sadie Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Sadie
Gabbie Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Gabbie Shadow Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Shadow
Henry Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Henry Teddy
Lilah Winter Thumbnail_PetTherapy_Winter


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