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What is a Physical? 

A physical is an exam that allows your primary care provider to assess your health and discuss any concerns you may have. Physical exams give you and your provider an opportunity to talk about preventive measures to ensure your health moving forward or assess how you have grown or changed since your last physical. 

How to Schedule a Physical?

If you need to get a physical examination, you can rely upon your local care team at Bronson to provide the care you need.

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Importance of Physicals

  • Allows your doctor to assess your health and discuss what changes you may need to make moving forward.
  • Provides an opportunity to talk to your provider about questions you may have that aren't alarming enough to schedule a separate appointment for.
  • Provides an opportunity to build trust between you and your provider.  

How Often You Need a Physical

Depending on your age and heath history, you may need a physical each year.

  • For individuals in their 20s and 30s in good health, you may only need a physical every two years.
  • For individuals over 45, a yearly physical is recommended. 

The best way to know how often you need a physical is to schedule one with your provider and seek their professional recommendation. 

How to Prepare for Your Physical

  • Schedule your appointment
  • Write down questions  
  • Write down any medications you take
  • Write down any major changes you've had since your last physical

What to Expect During a Physical

  • Having your vitals taken. This typically includes documenting your weight, blood pressure and pulse.
  • Reviewing your organ system and discuss any changes or concerns you have.
  • A full body exam. This may include and is not limited to:
    • Taking your pulse 
    • Checking your eyes, mouth and ears
    • Listening to your lungs as you breathe 
    • Feeling lymph nodes 
    • Skin exam

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