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Breast Reduction as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle Strategy

  • Women with large breasts may experience limits to both their physical and lifestyle activities. Learn how breast reduction can lead to improvements in quality of life.

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Practice Safe Fire Strategies with Outdoor Fires

  • Fire pits, bonfires and backyard grilling can be fun when safety is your guide. Read about burning safety tips that you can use to ensure that your fire is both fun and safe.

Woman holding baby

Plastic Surgery after Childbearing

  • Pregnancy and childbearing can result in physical changes to a woman's body. Learn more about the breast rejuvenation and abdominal wall contouring options available at Bronson Plastic Surgery Specialists.

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    Learn the tips and tricks for successful breastfeeding. Medicaid accepted.
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    11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    In these days engagement is a must-have for any organization. No matter what metric you consider, the company with more engaged employees is going to outperform the company with less. So how do we create organizations with high engagement? Plus how do we build high engagement during tough times like low unemployment, restructuring, high turnover and others. Please join us to discuss and learn more about leaders who engage their people during difficult time. Please join HelpNet and special guest speaker Jim Marshall to discuss and learn more about leaders who engage their people during difficult time.
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    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    This six-session program will prepare you for bariatric surgery with helpful tips and programs from a certified dietitian.

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