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A mother's own milk is the best food for her baby. But when a mother can't provide breast milk, milk from healthy donor mothers is the next best thing. That's when our Mothers' Milk Bank can help.

Our mission is to provide donor human milk to premature and sick babies whose mothers are unable to provide their own milk or who have a low supply of milk. We are currently in the need of additional donors. If interested, call the Bronson Mothers' Milk Bank at (269) 341-6146.

Why Choose the Mothers' Milk Bank at Bronson Methodist Hospital?

  • Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank is one of only 24 non-profit milk banks in North America
  • Operates under the guidelines of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)
  • Milk makes digesting easier for sick babies
  • Milk offers better nutrition than formula
  • Milk helps sick babies get better
  • Milk helps premature babies have better outcomes

Why Donate to the Mothers' Milk Bank?

  • Our donors are the foundation of our milk bank
  • The need for donor breast milk is on the rise within the country and around the world
  • We make the process easy for our donors

Our Mothers' Milk Bank Services

  • Our team screens, collects, processes, stores and distributes donated human milk
  • Our milk bank supplies nutrition to babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) whose mothers cannot provide breast milk, and to other mothers who are in need of human milk
  • Provides donor milk services to 30 hospitals throughout the nation
  • Healthy mothers interested in donating milk may do so after completing the screening process

Contact the Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank

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