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Where you have your baby is a very important decision. And more women in southwest Michigan choose The Bronson Birthplace because of our highly experienced staff and recognized quality care. We hope you will too.

Why Choose Bronson Methodist Hospital for Pregnancy and Childbirth?

  • We offer the only specialized care in the area for high-risk pregnancies and complicated births
  • We have the most advanced and comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth services
  • We have highly trained and experienced obstetricians, registered nurses, certified nurse midwives and lactation consultants
  • We deliver more than 3,000 babies in our hospital each year
  • We offer a personalized birthing experience for the mother-to-be, including large private room with guest bed
  • We offer secured access for privacy and security
  • You can enjoy the comforts of home as The Bronson BirthPlace offers spacious rooms with extra seating, secure cabinets, cable television and delivered meals
  • We offer childbirth education and parenting classes, including breastfeeding education to prepare you and your family for the birth of your baby
  • We have the only children's hospital and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in southwest Michigan
  • We received an "A" Hospital Safety Score™ by The Leapfrog Group (2012)

Pregnancy and Childbirth Conditions We Treat

  • Pregnancy
  • High risk pregnancy and deliveries
  • Bleeding related to pregnancy
  • Gestational and pregestational diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Incompetent cervix
  • Infections during pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Newborn complications including those requiring palliative care
  • Placental disorders
  • Preexisting conditions during pregnancy such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sickle cell disease, asthma, blood disorders, lupus, kidney and other health issues
  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Preterm labor
  • Venous concerns

Pregnancy and Childbirth Services & Treatments

  • Highly trained providers specializing in obstetrics, pediatrics and neonatology including board-certified physicians, registered nurses, certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and lactation consultants can accommodate for any birthing experience
  • Maternal-fetal medicine for women with high-risk pregnancies
  • Labor and delivery rooms include guest beds and other amenities, including a deep, oversized bathtub for relaxation, cable television, additional seating and meals delivered through room service
  • Surgical teams and suites available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency caesarian section delivery
  • Childbirth education and parenting classes
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for premature babies, respiratory distress syndrome, congenital anomalies, seizures, meconium aspiration syndrome and other conditions requiring round-the-clock care
  • Comprehensive breastfeeding education and support program, including certified lactation consultants who provide one-on-one assistance
  • Baby portraits through Welcome Newborn photography
  • Breastfeeding boutique
  • Labor and delivery
  • Mother-baby couplet care
  • Pain management

Childbirth education and parenting classes, including:

  • Birthplace tours
  • Boot Camp for New Dads
  • Childbirth education classes, including prenatal and baby basics classes
  • Successful Breastfeeding classes
  • Suddenly Siblings classes, to help siblings adjust to a new baby

Other pregnancy and childbirth services at Bronson Methodist Hospital:

Our Pregnancy and Childbirth Team

Our team consists of experienced physicians and nurses specializing in obstetrics. Our staff also includes certified nurse midwives and an experienced lactation consultant for your breastfeeding needs. Specialty surgeons and anesthesiologists are on staff for emergency situations.

Our team consists of more than 20 board certified physicians.

For More Information About Pregnancy and Childbirth

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    Learn to recognize, eliminate and AVOID potential trouble by becoming more aware of daily surroundings, using physical confrontation as a last resort.
  • May
    10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    Come see the Bronson BirthPlace and learn why we are the leader in births in southwest Michigan.

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