Animal Assisted Therapy at Sexual Assault Services

Animal Assisted Therapy

Benefits of animal assisted therapy

  • Assists in providing stimulation for conversation in healthcare and counseling settings
  • Promotes improvement in human physical, social, emotional and/or cognitive function
  • Elevates the mood of patients, staff and the facility in general

Meet our furry friend

As a certified facility dog, Matty’s job is to bring comfort to others.

Matty has been certified as a facility dog through Canine Companions for Independence

Photo of Annie Pet Therapy Dog.

Meet Matty

Breed: Labrador Retriever Cross
Volunteer since: 2013
Volunteers with:Amber at Sexual Assault Services
Certification: Certified facility dog through Canine Companions for Independence

For more information, please talk to Amber or anyone else on our staff that doesn't bark.

Fun Facts:

  • Performs over 40 commands
  • Loves to go swimming
  • Loves food (EVERYTHING)