Counseling Services at Sexual Assault Services

Counseling Services

Sexual assault survivors can speak with our clinically trained counselors in an individual, group or family setting.

Our counseling practice is based on a client-centered, empowerment focus. These services are offered free of charge to survivors and their family members. We work as a team with our clients, with the understanding that clients know themselves and their circumstances best. Our therapists have extensive education and training for providing services to survivors of the trauma of sexual assault. All therapists are trained in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

We offer a variety of counseling services for sexual abuse victims and their loved ones. Individual and family counseling are provided by masters-level therapists. Group counseling sessions are available too.

Group sessions include:

  • Incest support and therapy for women
  • Survivors of recent assaults
  • Child groups
  • Teen groups
  • Parent groups