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Skilled Nursing Facility Program

Our commitment to provide you with the best possible care goes beyond the hospital. If you need care in a skilled nursing facility after your stay in one of our hospitals, we have a special team of providers. They will visit you and guide your care on-site at facilities that are part of our network.

Helping you recover in a skilled nursing home

Through this program, we work hand-in-hand with skilled nursing facilities to coordinate your medical care. We want to make sure that your care plan that began in the hospital continues when you leave. This means better quality of care for you and reduced risk of having to go back to the hospital.

Our team will:

  • See you within 24-72 hours of admission to the facility
  • Visit you at least weekly and more often if needed
  • Manage your day-to-day care needs
  • Be on call 24/7 for any medical issues
  • Coordinate care with the facility's team of physicians, nurses and therapists
  • Educate you about your condition, including the medicines you need and steps toward recovery
  • Talk with the doctor who was caring for you when you came to the facility as well as any doctor you will care for you after you leave

Your care team

Your care is led by a Bronson doctor who works closely with our advanced practice providers (APPs). Our team will work with you, your family, and the care team at the nursing facility to make a custom care plan. They will also talk with your primary care doctor.

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Skilled Nursing Facility Program