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Bronson Sports Injury Clinics for Athletes of All Levels

Do you have an injury from training, exercising, or participating in your favorite sport? We can help.

Walk In Sports Injury Clinic Stretching

Free! On-site services include:

  • Athletes seen on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Evaluation of a sport or exercise-related injury by a Bronson certified athletic trainer
  • Recommendations for exercise, stretching techniques, or use of other reconditioning methods
  • Consultation with your personal trainer or coach
  • If necessary, assistance with physician referral
Learn more about our free sports injury clinics
Bronson offers free sports injury clinics throughout southwest Michigan. These clinics are staffed by certified athletic trainers who are licensed in the State of Michigan and have years of experience evaluating athletes and their issues.

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Sports Injury Clinics