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Stomal Therapy

When you have surgery on your digestive or urinary system, getting back to your routine can be a big adjustment. That's why we have services to help with all aspects your recovery.

What is stomal therapy?

After surgery, it’s possible that you may need to wear an ostomy bag, which is where waste leaves the body through the ostomy. An ostomy, also called a stoma, is an opening between the surface of the skin and the small intestine (ileostomy) or colon (colostomy), or a urinary diversion for bladder cancer (urostomy/ileoconduit). Depending on your medical needs, you may need to wear your ostomy bag permanently or temporarily.

Your stomal therapy nurse

Before leaving the hospital, you will receive information and support from a certified ostomy nurse. They will help teach you how to take care of yourself and your ostomy after surgery. You will learn:

  • How to fit and connect your ostomy bag
  • How to change your ostomy bag
  • Where to order replacement supplies from
  • How to live comfortably with your ostomy bag

Your nurse will also be available to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Coordinating your care

Stomal therapy is provided at Bronson Battle Creek and Bronson Methodist Hospital. Your care will be coordinated and scheduled by our hospital staff after you’re out of surgery.

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Stomal Therapy