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Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and is the second leading cause of cancer death. Early detection by having a mammogram is proven to save lives. We support the American Cancer Society recommendation for women starting in their 40s to get a screening mammogram every year.  

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You can schedule your own screening mammogram without a physician's order if you've seen your healthcare provider within the last three years and you do not have any breast health problems. 

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What is Mammography?

Mammography is an imaging tool that is used to screen for breast cancer and other breast problems. The images produced are referred to as mammogram.

Who Should Get a Mammogram?

A screening mammogram is part of every woman, age 40+, routine preventive healthcare.

For most women, the result of their mammogram will be a normal.

What Should I Expect?

A mammogram is an outpatient procedure. The mammography testing equipment uses breast compression to generate images of the breast tissue. During the examination, a technician will position your breast on the platform to compress your breast gradually. A technician will guide you through positions until all the necessary images have been captured.

Once the examination is complete, your images are sent to a radiologist to analyze.

Getting Your Mammogram in a Safe Environment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have special precautions in place to make sure your visit is a safe one.

Bronson Healthcare breast imaging director and radiologist, Dr. Christina Jacobs, talks about the safe and caring environment we have for all patients who are scheduled for a mammogram or other imaging test at Bronson.

What are the Different Types of Mammography?

Bronson offers five types of mammography: computer-aided detection (CAD), diagnostic, digital, screening and 3D mammograms.

  • Computer-aided detection (CAD) – uses computer software to search for abnormal areas of density, mass or calcification that may indicate the presence of cancer
  • Diagnostic mammogram – used to evaluate the area of concern on an abnormal screening exam
  • Digital mammogram – replaces X-ray film with solid-state detectors that convert X-rays into electrical signals that can then be seen on a computer screen
  • Screening mammogram – shows changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them. Screening mammograms are available using 2D and 3D technologies.
  • 3D Mammography – This is one of the newest technologies in breast imaging, also referred to as tomosynthesis. This advanced technology allows the radiologist to see dense breast tissue in "multiple slices" from many different angles. It improves accuracy and sensitivity as compared to a standard screening (2D) mammogram. 3D Mammograms can help detect cancer in women, especially those with dense breast tissue. To help with early detection, Michigan passed the Breast Density Notification Law in June 2015.

Bronson Diagnostics at Woodbridge offers 2D mammograms. All other mammography testing locations offer 2D and 3D mammograms.

To verify coverage, please check with your insurance plan/network prior to your appointment.

What Conditions can a Mammogram Detect?

There are so many reasons to get a mammogram. Although mammograms will not prevent a woman to get breast cancer, it will aid in early detection and helps find other breast problems, such as:

When is Additional Testing Needed?

For some women, additional testing may be required while for others it may be the beginning of their breast cancer journey.

Comprehensive Breast Health Care

The specialists at Bronson are committed to providing the best care for you. Our breast health team:

  • Includes technologists, nurses and doctors who specialize in breast health
  • Is committed to providing the highest standards for breast health imaging services
  • Keeps patients safe by taking precautions to ensure infection control is a priority at all of our testing locations
  • Provides education and support to all patients

To learn more about breast health services, including screening’s and our breast health nurse navigator service, visit

Learn More

Getting Your Mammogram in a Safe Environment
Bronson Healthcare breast imaging director and radiologist, Dr. Christina Jacobs, talks about a safe and caring environment for all patients who need their annual mammogram or other imaging tests at Bronson.
So Many Reasons Have a Mammogram
Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and is the seconding leading cause of cancer death. These women tell why it’s important to them to have a mammogram.
Mammograms Save Lives
A few years ago, these Bronson employees were brought together after treatment for breast cancer. All are now cancer-free. Watch as each talk about their journey.
Susan's Story
There was no family history of breast cancer in Susan’s family, and she wasn’t late for a mammogram. Watch Susan talk about her journey. She's been cancer-free since 2009.
Sandy's Story
As a two-time breast cancer survivor, breast cancer doesn’t who it hits or family back-ground. Watch as Sandy talks about her journey. She's been cancer-free since 2014.
Jan's Story
At 26 years old, Jan never thought she would have breast cancer. It was found through a mammogram. Watch as Jan tells her story. Cancer-free since 1983.
Shannon's Story
Just turning 40, Shannon thought she would have all the “bells and whistles” so she had a 3D mammogram. Watch as Shannon tells her story. She's been cancer-free since 2016.
Veronica's Story
At age 35, with two manual breast exams showing normal, Veronica requested a mammogram. Watch as Veronica talks about her journey. She's cancer-free since 2010.

For more information on mammography, visit

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