Pharmacy Residency - Rotation Description, Project Development

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Pharmacy Residency - Rotation Description, Project Development

Project Development

PGY1 - Pharmacy (43400)

Preceptors: Johnson, Andrew; Brousseau Stacy; Warner, Adam; Montgomery, Dave


General Description

General Description and Expectations of Residents:

Throughout the residency year, the resident will complete one major primary research project relating to a specific aspect of pharmacy practice. The primary research project may involve the development, enhancement, or evaluation of a current practice, may be a problem solving exercise, or may involve original research. The resident must be involved in each step of the primary research project from the point of formulating a question to be answered, creating a study design, conducting literature searches, performing a pre-study if necessary to determine the achievability and usefulness of the actual project, conducting the actual study, interpreting the data collected, and presenting results of the study upon completion. The project should be able to be reasonably completed within the residency year.

The resident will present the findings of his/her study at the Great Lakes Pharmacy Residency Conference near the end of the residency year, as well as to the pharmacy department and any other appropriate staff at Bronson Methodist Hospital. The residency program director and preceptors will help the residents choose projects that will not only meet the accreditation standards of ASHP, but will also benefit the resident and the institution. The resident will also write a manuscript detailing the project upon its completion, with the option to seek publication if desired and deemed appropriate by the preceptor and other investigators. The resident will

be assigned a primary project preceptor, and with the help of the director and/or preceptor will choose a primary investigator and co-investigators if necessary, based upon the focus area of their project. The resident will be exposed to the institutional review board (IRB) and the processes that must be followed within the institution to conduct a research project. Residents will have their protocols reviewed by a Bronson Methodist Hospital Research Nurse prior to submission to the IRB.

Preceptor Interaction:

The resident will be assigned a primary project preceptor who will meet with the resident both formally and as needed during all stages of the primary research project. The resident will work with the preceptor, and other staff such as the Clinical Coordinator if necessary, to set benchmarks and evaluate achievement of the benchmarks. 

Evaluation Strategy:

  • Formative evaluation: Formative evaluation will be ongoing throughout the project development process, and will be documented in PharmAcademic. Formative evaluation will be a combination of resident self-evaluation and preceptor input on both the resident's ability to self-evaluate as well as on specific aspects of the project as it is developed and presented.
  • Summative evaluation (quarterly): This evaluation summarizes the resident's performance throughout the learning experience. Specific comments should be included to provide the resident with information he/she can use to improve his/her performance throughout the remainder of the residency.  Ongoing formative evaluation points may also be documented within the summative evaluation, with resident progress on these points documented formally on a quarterly basis. The resident and the preceptor will independently complete the quarterly evaluation in PharmAcademic. The resident and the preceptor will then meet to compare and discuss the evaluations. This discussion will provide feedback both on performance of the activities and the accuracy of the resident's self-assessment skills. Evaluations will be finalized following this discussion.
  • Preceptor and Learning Experience evaluations must be completed in PharmAcademic by the last day of the learning experience.

Expectation of Residents:

See General Description

Taught and Evaluated Objectives


Goal R2.2

Demonstrate ability to evaluate and investigate practice, review data, and assimilate scientific evidence to improve patient care and/or the medication-use system


OBJ R2.2.1

(Analyzing) Identify changes needed to improve patient care and/or the medication-use system

Consider list of research projects presented by the RAC. Discuss any additional research project ideas resident has with the RAC.

Work with preceptors to choose a research topic.

OBJ R2.2.2

(Creating) Develop a plan to improve the patient care and/or the medication-use system

Develop any necessary materials needed to carry out the study (order sets, protocols, educational materials, etc.). Draft, self-evaluate, and seek preceptor input on the written study proposal.

Identify project preceptor and co-investigators, if any. Review available literature on the research topic to see what others have done.

Work with project preceptor to design the study, including data collection strategy and any related forms.

OBJ R2.2.3

(Applying) Implement changes to improve patient care and/or the medication-use system

Attend IRB training during orientation. Conduct any necessary staff education.

Make any modifications suggested by IRB and resubmit, if necessary.

Obtain approval from any additional committees, as needed (PNT, Formulary, PI).

Submit study proposal for IRB approval.

Work with Epic Willow team to ensure any orders sets are built properly.

OBJ R2.2.4

(Evaluating) Assess changes made to improve patient care or the medication-use system

Collect and analyze data as specified in the study proposal. If study will be ongoing, work with preceptor to plan how the study will be conducted after the residency is completed.

If study will result in a process change, work with leadership to develop plan for implementation.


OBJ R2.2.5

(Creating) Effectively develop and present, orally and in writing, a final project report

Develop, self-evaluate, and seek preceptor input on a Power Point presentation summarizing the background, study design, and results.

Prepare, self-evaluate, and seek preceptor input on a final manuscript.

Present at Great Lakes.

Present to the pharmacy staff as a "dress rehearsal." Present to the RAC and make modifications based on their feedback.

Work with preceptor to have manuscript published, if desired and appropriate.








Summative Evaluation

All Preceptors

Each Resident Taking this Learning Experience

Ending and Quarterly if Needed

ASHP Learning Experience Evaluation


Learning Experience

Ending and Quarterly if Needed

ASHP Preceptor Evaluation


All Preceptors of this Learning Experience

Ending and Quarterly if Needed

Summative Evaluation


Each Resident Taking this Learning Experience

Ending and Quarterly if Needed

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