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What you should consider before completing an application

Volunteering is:

  • Providing assistance to Bronson's patients, visitors and/or staff.
  • An opportunity to gain experience in a healthcare environment.
  • An opportunity to add experience to your resume.

Volunteering is not:

  • An opportunity for you to develop or practice clinical or technical skills.
  • Shadowing with a healthcare professional. If you are interested in shadowing, click here for more information or send an email to the Bronson Center for Learning.

Who are Bronson volunteers?

Bronson volunteers are adults of all ages with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They are students looking for a volunteer experience in a healthcare environment. They are people who have a professional manner and are committed to the Bronson vision of providing an exceptional healthcare experience for every person, every time.

What does Bronson look for in an applicant?

We look for complete applications that indicate your skills and interests. We assess if your interests and availability match any current open volunteer positions and shifts.

Applicants must be able to manage the application process on their own and  communicate on their own behalf whether by phone, email or in person.

We do not discuss applications, interviews or placements with the parent, the child or other designee of the applicant.

Please consider:

Bronson has a high standard for attendance and punctuality. Please consider your ability to fully commit to a volunteer position, even during periods of heavy workload and/or school exams.

Students with a heavy course load or many extracurricular activities may wish to apply for the summer program.

Volunteers are expected to communicate with their resource person if they will be absent. In many positions, volunteers are responsible for finding a substitute if they are absent.

What is required to volunteer?

  • An application
  • In-person interview
  • Criminal background check
  • Health screening appointment*
    • Verification of immunization to various diseases, including a seasonal flu shot
    • Tuberculosis (TB) test
    • Drug screen
  • Training modules
  • Attend general volunteer orientation
  • Specific volunteer position training

*Note: there is no charge to you for this appointment or for any required immunization(s)


If you would like to join our amazing volunteer team, we encourage you to apply.

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