Guidelines for Handmade Baby Items


Baby hats and blankets may be made in any knit, crochet or quilt pattern you choose.


Yarn: Please use white and solid pastel colors. Avoid dark colors and variegated yarn. We have found that mothers of baby boys prefer items without ANY pink or peach. With this in mind, please do not mix blue with pink or peach. When using up "scrap" yarn, mix and match colors carefully.


Please use kid prints and solid colors as described above.


Baby weight or knitting worsted weight washable yarn works best for baby hats. Please avoid bulky yarn and do not use wool yarn.


We use a variety of sizes for babies from a micro-preemie to full term babies.

  • Make sure the last row is not tight, it needs to stretch.
  • Width: When laid flat, the hat should measure between 3 and 6 inches.
  • Length: When laid flat, the length should be half an inch shorter or equal to the width. If the hat is long, it can be cuffed up.

Minimum 12 x 12 inches. Maximum 36 x 36 inches.


For safety reasons, please do not attach pom-poms, buttons, ribbons, etc.

The Best Guideline

If you would be proud to have your child or grandchild wear it, Bronson is proud to have our babies wear it.

Thank you for donating your time and talent to Bronson's babies!