Angel Wraps and Gowns

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Angel Wraps and Gowns

The loss of a baby is emotionally overwhelming for the parents. Having a handmade wrap or gown that their baby wore is an irreplaceable keepsake.

Angel Wraps

  • Also called a bunting, pocket, fetal demise or burial pouch
  • Used for a mid-pregnancy loss when the baby is too fragile and small to dress
  • May be knitted, crocheted or sewn
  • Finished size should be about a 9 inch square, before the lace or edging
  • Please line all wraps with a separate piece of white flannel.

Wrap Liners

A 9x9 inch piece of white flannel or thin fleece that lines an Angel Wrap. (Snuggle Flannel or Blizzard Fleece)

Angel Gowns

  • Worn by preemie babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Used for a late-pregnancy loss
  • A variety of sizes are needed.
  • Preemie babies are very skinny, without the chubbiness of full-term babies. See size chart.


Angel Pocket Pattern Fetal Demise Pouch - Knit Angel Pocket Pattern

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