Patient and Family Advisory Council
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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Would you like to help shape hospital services for patients and families? If so, you may want to apply to serve on one of our Patient and Family Advisory Councils.

The role of Patient and Family Advisory Councils is to promote and support family centered values.

You may apply at any time. The groups meet monthly for three hours, and have additional opportunities to participate based on interests, such as hospital committees, rounding and process improvement activities. We consider diversity in culture, gender, parenting, and hospital experiences when choosing members.

Council Members Should:

  • Come with an open mind and a positive approach
  • Be willing to voice opinions.
  • Be able to see many different points of view.
  • Have good listening skills.
  • Help find solutions.
  • Be able to share positive and negative experiences in a constructive way.
  • Be able to work with people whose backgrounds, experiences, and styles may be different from their own.
  • Want to impact our community.
  • Respect others' opinions.
  • Show discretion and confidentiality.
  • Support Bronson's mission to provide excellent healthcare services.

Do you have questions? Read our Patient and Family Advisory Council Brochure. Call Marilyn Potgiesser at (269) 341-7482, or email at Bronson Methodist Hospital, or contact Melissa Mackinder at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital by email at or call (269) 245-8470.

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